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Office de Tourisme de Manigod
3 route de Thônes - 74230 MANIGOD
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Natural surprise

Times : 14:00 – 17:00. A choice of activities every afternoon.
Tuesday :
  • Cabin building depending on the week
  • Learning about the use of wild plants
Discovery walk and the making of cordials and jams using wild plants
Wednesday :
  • Creations using plants workshop
Learn and observe the countryside and the collecting of plants. Making natural creations (necklaces, bracelets, tapestries,...)
  • Lookout for Marmottes
See Marmottes in their mountain setting, and learn to interpret

Thursday :
  • Learning about orienteering. Kids will set off in search of particular habitats likely to contain some of our more famous species (marmottes, capercaillies, chamois, foxes, red deer and black woodpeckers) with the aid of a compas and map.  The aim is to get started in map reading and the use of a compas. Once arrived at the desired destination, explanations in the form of a Q&A session, on why the place is ideal for the particular species of animal.
  • Trees reveal their secrets
Learn more about the life of trees and all their secrets